$1,000 Website

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A $1000 Website for Your Messianic Fellowship?


  • This is a one page website with unlimited content.
  • No need for navigational tabs.
  • 100% mobile responsive.
  • Website users will scroll down the page to get to all of your content.
  • Great for a low-cost, fast, starter website.

What's Included for $1000?

For $1000, we will do the following (if you want us to):

  • Create your main image and message (like on top of example site)
  • Add up to 3 image and content sections
  • Embed a google map to your location
  • Embed a YouTube Video
  • Add a simple contact form
  • Add a doctrinal statement page
  • Add a donation page
  • Add a contact form
  • Set up a Calendar tool
  • Set up a Resource page
  • Set up a FAQs page
  • Create a custom About page + staff subpage
  • Create five subpages for your resources
  • Create a media page and add YouTube videos

DIY Features and Functions

You may do more yourself with the tools that we provide for you in our CMS.  You may also hire us to do more, but you can add any of these things below yourself and then you don't have to pay us to do it for you.


  • Unlimited sections with images and text
  • Embed YouTube Videos
  • Embed Google Map
  • Top of Site Slide Show
  • Photo Gallery
  • Web Forms
  • And a lot more ... 

How Long Does it Take

We'll get your site completed in a day - as long as we can get what we need from you.


How to Order

Please REGISTER FREE and then give us a call!  You will need to complete 1) the Registration form, 2) Your Personal Profile and 3) Your Business Profile.

  2. Call us at 888-788-0744
  3. After you complete your registration, you may add the $1000 Webmaster Service to your cart and checkout to make payment.  (https://use.bestwaywebsites.com/purchase-service.php)
$1,000 Website
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