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What are Messianic Fellowships?

What are Messianic Fellowships

Messianic fellowships include synagogues, churches, congregations, home groups, etc . They believe that the Bible is one complete book from Genesis to Revelation and is the Word of God.

All Messianic Fellowships

All Messianic Fellowships is a website developed to join together those who believe in Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth as the prophesied messiah and wish to worship and fellowship in a Jewish/Hebrew Roots manner.

All Messianic Fellowships Directory

The All Messianic Fellowships Directory is an online directory we have created to give Messianic Jews and Hebrew Roots Christians, Torah observant believers in Yeshua (Jesus) a way to connect with the community of believers around them and find a Synagogue, Church, home group, etc. which provide a place for communal worship, fellowship, teaching, service and more.

Resources for Messianic Congregations and Followers of Yeshua

Visit our Resources page to find Hebrew/Gregorian calendar information, Bible study resources, Website design services and YouTube channels.

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